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AMES Conference 2024
15th June, Radisson Blu, Perth

Conference Flyer

The rapidly shifting way in which Social Media and online content has become a normalised part of our lives has also meant that traditional media texts such as newspapers, magazines and advertising, both print and moving image, have become less and less relevant to both us and our students. How is this impacting in our classrooms, our students and in our lives?

Our keynote speaker is Josh Bircham, lecturer at Robert Gordon University in Digital Marketing and Analytics. Josh also runs PICT, a creative consultancy based in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. He graduated from Aberdeen University with a degree in English Literature and is a published author as well.

The AMES Conference 2024 hopes that by aiding educators to develop their skills and access new ideas for teaching and learning, confidence and passion with delivering Media will continue to flourish. There are also workshops to support exam classes, teacher knowledge and to highlight developments in Media teaching across Scotland.


WORKSHOP 1 - 11.15 to 12.15

A - Role of the Media: Exam Advice - Kirsty Brown
Kirsty is an experienced media teacher who will examine the aspect of the role of media in qualifica

B - Re-imagined: Film and Text in the English Classroom - Isabel Sarran
Moving image allows a new view on well-known texts. Isabel (AMES) will use Wes Anderson’s interpretations of Roald Dahl stories to explore the value of film in the English classroom.

C - Film in the Primary Classroom - Mhairi Johnstone/Students of QMU
Mhairi and her primary education students will present fresh ideas around using film in a primary context.

WORKSHOP 2 - 13:00 to 14:00

A - Role of the Media: ‘Black Sheep’ - Sam de Smith
Sam will examine this thought-provoking text, focussing on society, race and notions of belonging.tions.

B - NPA Journalism

New qualifications are established around Scotland to provide a richer learning experience for pupils. The NPA Journalism is a valuable qualification within the media education.

C - Teach-Meet - BGE/Resource Sharing

Teach-Meets are a powerful collaboration tool amongst educators. In this session, we will focus on ideas and resource sharing for BGE. The session is supported by members of AMES.

WORKSHOP 3 - 14:15 - 15:15

A - 'The Last of Us’ - Videogame and Television Series - Wendy Elrick
Wendy (AMES) will examine this popular text in its different formats and will discuss key aspects.

B - Screen Education Edinburgh (SEE)

SEE will introduce their exciting film projects and discuss their ongoing work to support educators and learners.

C - Teach-Meet - SQA/Qualifications Focus

Teach-Meets are a powerful collaboration tool amongst educators. In this session, we will focus on discussions and resource sharing for qualification courses. The session is supported by members of AMES.

Conference Flyer - details of how to get there.

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Thanks for registering. Please try to submit applications no later than Thursday 6th June 2024. We will however do our best to process last minute applications.

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